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Since I initially phoned Ivan to share him of this malfunction while using RIA Super .38 he was dismayed. He explained to me his gunsmith had successfully fired many rounds out of the pistol prior to being mailed to me, you’ll find had functioned perfectly to deal with. As previously stated, the gunsmith had altered the pistol to fire a cartridge dimensionally different from the supplied Armscor Precision .38 Super rounds. Some, Ivan knew most things that Utilized unacquainted with. The Rock Island Armory Super .38 can be described as fantastically accurate and reliable pistol, which has a malfunction even though described was very strange. Luckily, completely was a issue after that quickly corrected, effectively test may continue with merely brief delay. It’s really a evidence of the fine construction of those pistol normally fired over 500 rounds without malfunction. Additionally, in addition wiping in the grease and oil at the gun if this type of arrived, I did not even field strip the pistol until all shooting tests were completed.
Regardless of the abysmally small G.I. sights, Having been able to find the most effective 25 yard groups in my experience. For people readers preferring the retro-look within his 1911s, this pistol is ok representation with the breed. Objective, i’m not a fan of Parkerized finishes, however, I can understand the factors for their use, and the Rock Island Armory Super .38 has one of the better ones I’ve come across shortly. I’ve yet to scratch a Rock Island gun, in addition numerous them have gotten some pretty heavy use while in my care.
If one is looking for the best economical 1911 chambered for one’s Super .38 cartridge, a relatively serious evaluation of the Rock Island Armory Super .38 is an essential.
Rock Island Armory .38 Super
Barrel length: 5 inches (127 mm)
Overall length: 8.5 inches (215.9 mm)
Weight: 38 ounces (1077 grams)
Finish: Parkerized
Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds
Caliber: .38 Super
Trigger Pull Weight: 6.5 pounds (2948 grams)
Manufactured by AMMO using the Republic of USA.
Tons of anticipation and speculation might be brewing of your ranks of Rock Island Armory owners lately. Fans of your economical (but highly usable) RIA 1911s really are eagerly awaiting the arrival for that marquee’s new Tactical 1911 in .45 ACP. Initially when I first learned that the M1911.ORG. AMMO could well be receiving one of the first pistols, for evaluation and testing, I began sticking to the various threads from a forums, so that they can uncover every one hoopla was approximately. I’ve never owned, much less fired a 1911 pistol from Armscor. That’s not me, however, ignorant of how much cash the persons, who do own them, endorse them.
The latest RIA Tactical model would be to incorporate several modifications which a individuals who own RIA pistols planned to see changed. Offers like better sights, a target grade trigger and hammer, beavertail grip safety, and ambidextrous slide safety, to only name a few.
Among the hyperbole surrounding the new pistol just appeared to grow with every additional hint using the powers at Armscor. Although least expected it, though, I realised I was selected to get that first RIA Tactical pistol from Rock Island Armory.

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